We personally develop young men along the journey to manhood through role modelling and mentoring.

Taking enrolments for 2024!

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For the last ten years the MOB Academy have been developing leadership and mentoring programs to create brighter futures for our young men. Together with education we are fusing life skills, mentoring and the community to create well rounded, employable and inspired men. MOB Academy and its extensive experience in successfully working with young men offer future focused education and well-being programs aimed to provide exceptional opportunities to masterplan their futures. 

MOB Academy is now taking enrolments for 2024!

If you know of a young man who would benefit from the MOB Academy and would like more information click below for an enrolment form.

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Upcoming Events

Jun 11
MOB Recruit Day

All Day Event

Jun 21
Year 11 Camp

June 21st-23rd:
Year 11 camp Group 1

June 23rd-25th:
Year 11 camp Group 2

Jun 7
Arne Rubenstein Event

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