The MOB Academy is a school for boys in Years 11 and 12 who have found it challenging to engage with mainstream schooling. MOB Academy is an Independent Special Assistance School that is operated by Men of Business Australia Ltd, a Not-for-Profit charitable organization. Men of Business Australia Ltd has been operating on the Gold Coast since 2010.

The MOB Academy caters for a diverse range of students including many with significant gaps in their learning, particularly their literacy and numeracy development due to a range of issues in their previous schooling including learning difficulties, identified or not; and students with disabilities; including a large proportion of students who have been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Students who attend the Academy come from a diverse background of both social and academic hardship and have been identified as effectively disengaged from previous educational experiences.


Students within these programs are supported to access pathways to maximise their abilities beyond the school setting.


The staff employed at MOB are highly motivated professionals who apply their expert knowledge of the learning process to deliver highly structured and focused teaching. An outstanding standard of teaching skill will be maintained through collegial collaboration and effective professional development. Digital technology will be used by all teachers to provide our young men with the opportunity to be challenged in their learning at school and at home.


The Academy is planned as a community hub, working with families and the broader community to help these young men achieve their goals. Positive relationships are the foundation of the Academy’s success. Students will be taught the values of respect, community, brotherhood, education, health and how to have fun whilst appreciating and accepting the diversity of their peers.

The purpose of the MOB Academy is to provide a high quality “no cost to the student” educational program that will be based on a healthy mix of “hard work and fun”. The Academy will be the hub and centre point of the student’s senior school years providing direction and purpose throughout their journey. Importantly, through the well-established networks of the governing body, Men of Business Australia Limited, and its extensive experience in successfully working with disenfranchised boys, the young men will gain exceptional opportunities to masterplan their futures.


Education plays a huge role in our lives. The MOB Academy understands that these boys want to learn but need extra support to do so successfully. Hence, their investment in providing these vulnerable young men with a positive and structured alternative to mainstream schooling, will minimise the risk of our young men experiencing poverty, homelessness or a lack of safety in their adult lives.


The Men of Business Academy is committed to revolutionizing the way some young men view their educational journey by providing a safe, inclusive and progressive learning environment. Our caring professionals and community mentors will support and empower young people to achieve individual success, offering a fun and future-focused education and well-being program. We intend to tailor our educational programs to promote continuous engagement, meet individual student learning needs and interests, focus heavily on student well-being, while exposing students to the essential literacy, numeracy, life and career skills required to function in today’s society.

No, MOB Academy does not charge tuition fees. MOB Academy does charge a small levy for food and extra activities / excursions that are not covered under the funding provided by the government. Currently, the levy is $15 per week of school or $150 per school term.” 

The Men of Business Academy’s financial model is very robust demonstrating short-term viability and long-term sustainability given the guaranteed state and commonwealth government recurrent funding allocated to Special Assistance Schools.


The Men of Business and its community has contributed in the vicinity of $1m to enable the Academy to become a reality for young men on the Gold Coast. Many local individuals, families and businesses have attended fundraising events, provided sponsorship and donated funds to establish the MOB Academy.

At the MOB Academy we are aware of the issues and anxiety some young people experience when told they have to wear a school uniform. The only uniform at MOB Academy is a simple black T-shirt that all students and staff are required to wear. In winter all students are supplied with a MOB hoodie.

MOB Academy will start at 9:30am (breakfast available from 8:30am) and finish at 2:30pm Monday – Thursday.


**Times may vary depending on students timetable

The young men need only to bring a “great attitude” and “gratitude” to academy each day. We will provide the rest!

Provide your friend’s details if you know someone who would benefit from the MOB Academy.