MOB Academy


The Men of Business Academy is a senior secondary school that focuses on empowering young men with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be happy, healthy and successful in life after school.

The MOB Academy will cater for boys in Years 11 & 12 who are looking for alternative learning from mainstream schooling. We promote workforce and career focused education in addition to a formalised health and well-being program. We emphasis the development of the key life skills of literacy, numeracy, health, resilience, commitment and respect. Importantly, the young men will receive extensive specialised and individualised support to address any barriers to learning and personal development that may hinder their success.

A key strength of the MOB Academy is the existing deep engagement with the community mentors and the business community who have inspired the vision for a school. This large group of members and supporters have consistently provided mentorship to young people in MOB programs together with conducting events and raising significant funds to enable this opportunity. The deliberate integration of the young men with their community will be witnessed through work placement opportunities and volunteering at local events providing a complete experience for the young men and their families.

We have designed the program to target individual student needs and interests  whilst building student resilience and confidence through a wide range of education programs. This will include optimising the training facilities both on-campus and the neighbouring TAFE College. The school aims to further develop existing community partnerships to provide the students with extensive extra-curricular activities such as playing fields, yoga, swimming, gym and the arts.

MOB Academy is now taking enrolments for 2020

If you know of a young man who would benefit from the MOB Academy and would like more information click below for an enrolment form.



The MOB Academy recognises the importance of providing the opportunity to improve the social, educational and employment outcomes of the young men, in particular those who have experienced challenges effectively engaging in school, education and/or training.

All students will be mapped out with an individual SET plan in consultation with our Careers Education Teacher and/or Guidance Officer, teaching staff and parents in line with students’ interests, strengths and abilities. Students will be given the opportunity to guide their own learning journeys, as well as enter into the workplace. These pathways will provide students with the opportunity to complete their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or have been identified to receive a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).

All students will complete Essential English, Essential Mathematics and Social & Community Studies plus additional electives/courses from a range Vocational Education and Training courses to achieve a minimum of 20 QCE points.

An example of a ‘typical’ QCE pathway for a student at the Men of Business Academy:

Course Credits Explanatory Notes
Essential English 4 Core
Essential Maths 4 Core
Social & Community Studies 4 Core
Hospitality - Certificate II 4 Core
Sport & Recreation - Certificate II 4 Core
School-based apprenticeship Up to 6 Core
Total QCE points available 26 Min 20 req.

Note: Students must gain a Sound Achievement in one semester of English and Maths AND achieve at least 20 credits to be awarded the QCE.

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