About MOB

The MOB Academy was created in the hope of improving the lives of as many boys as possible.

Ten years ago Marco Renai started working with several boys in Palm Beach to inspire and motivate them with fitness. After realising that fitness alone would not be the answer he turned to his business community in hopes of creating a network that would educate and inspire these boys to do better. The MOB was created off the back of his Italian heritage where family, food and a group of people doing good, not bad can make a real difference.

Over the past 13 years businesses from all over the Gold Coast have supported, mentored and delivered many programs to most high schools on the Gold Coast. Whilst these programs have been incredibly successful and touched the lives of 1000’s of boys, the unpredictability of funding and sponsorship has meant that all too often the demand for places exceeds the capacity of the Men of Business and its band of mentors. The MOB Academy was created as a solution to this problem in hopes of improving the lives of as many boys as possible.

A brief history

2010 - Heading goes here
Marco volunteered in a park in Palm Beach with 10 youths at risk.
2011 - Heading goes here
Marco invited a group of business owners who were members at his gym to lunch, and, around a bowl of pasta, MOB was born.
2012 - Heading goes here
8-week programs started for SCISCO, Youth Justice and Wesley Mission.
2013 - Heading goes here
Started running the programs in the state school system.
2014 - Heading goes here
The first MOB luncheon took place for 150 businessmen on the Gold Coast.
2015 - Heading goes here
MOB became a registered charity with DGR status.
2016 - Heading goes here
Created a MOB community in the Southern end of the Gold Coast and started working with schools in the area.
2017 - Heading goes here
Ran a MOB Luncheon in Toowoomba, created a MOB community and started working with their schools.
2018 - Heading goes here
The seed of opening the MOB Academy was planted and accepted by all board members. Over 1000 boys successfully completed the MOB 8 week program.
2019 - Heading goes here
Secured the property, received school accreditation in record time and raised over $600,000 to go towards the MOB Academy from the community.
2020 - Heading goes here
MOB Academy opened its doors April 20th with 10 staff and 4 enrolled students.
2021 - Heading goes here
The school steadily grew to 20 staff and 100 students with two community bought school buses.
2022 - Heading goes here
MOB expanded to 7 Nerang Street, Southport to cater for more students and learning spaces.
2023 - Heading goes here
MOB Academy have over 40 staff and 200 students with big news coming for 2024… watch this space.
2024 - Heading goes here
220 students, MOB HQ building project commences.

Meet the CEO’s


Respect yourself. Respect each other. Respect your environment. Respect our community.



Driven by our love for our community, for the jobs we do and for positively impacting the lives of others around us.



Taking full responsibility for all that you do and how you do it. Own your wins. Own your failures.



Gratitude for the community’s contribution to redefine how we deliver education. Understanding and appreciating that our movement is so much bigger than any one person and continuing the MOB legacy of Paying it Forward.



MOB was built on family. The ability to love, share, eat, cry, laugh and be there for each other is what has always tied us together.

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Provide your friend’s details if you know someone who would benefit from the MOB Academy.