Support overview

Support overview

To effectively support the large portion of students with varying levels of social and emotional issues, MOB Academy has developed an extensive support program to help engage students in learning and assist them to develop the necessary life skills that will support them to become happy, healthy, successful and contributing members of our community.


Throughout their time at MOB Academy students will be exposed and partake in job readiness and an embedded social and emotional learning program to help support them on their journey to becoming a better man.

Comprised of three dedicated male youth workers, our lovely student engagement officer Rosa, and two registered psychologists, The Wellbeing Team is committed to understanding the ‘why’ behind disengagement from mainstream education. We’re here to support new students, pinpoint learning needs, and conduct psychoeducational assessments that provide crucial information to our teachers. From tackling substance issues to addressing anxiety, depression, and more, our focus is holistic. We’re digging deep to discover what teaching methods resonate best with each student’s unique needs and provide referrals to our community partners such as Headspace, Multicultural Families Organisation, Yhes House, Lives Lived Well, Youth Justice and Services Australia. Our team extends its care to families too, bridging communication gaps and providing crucial support. Even our amazing alumni students aren’t left behind. Our Wellbeing Team offers short-term support to keep them thriving. At MOB Academy, it’s not just about education; it’s about fostering growth, resilience, and brighter futures.

At MOB Academy we strive to deliver an engaging and meaningful alternative to mainstream schooling tailored to the individual and collective needs of our students. With the goal of increasing student engagement, maximising opportunities for our boys and further supporting each young man to achieve their desired goals both in and out of the classroom, we have ensured each class has no more than 20 students.



Our reduced class sizes enables us to:


  • Cap class sizes with a maximum of 20 students allowing for a more supportive and dynamic learning environment
  • Allowing us to supervise the cohort’s movements more effectively and increase staff support to students during learning.

Our boys need drivers licenses to be successful in life, work and family. After working with 100 young men, we realised a significant disconnect with our students not having the adequate resources and money to fund their driving test, lessons and ability to acquire 100 hours required to enable them to transition to a provisional license due to lack of support and/or vehicle. As part of our 2021 Flagship fundraiser, The Capri on Via Roma 24 Hour Paddle, we raised over $215,000 to set up Australia’s first in house driving school. All MOB Academy students are now able to use this service to help them achieve their hours and lessons at absolutely no cost to them.

Experience personal and group challenges that will further develop the five MOB values.

Our pathways program offers a holistic framework approach to transitioning our young men from school into real life through the support from Education Queensland, Industry Experts, Disability Employment Services and Registered Training Organisations. Through our partnerships with local businesses, students will have access to the industry knowledge of successful business owners. They will have the opportunity to check out different industries, engage in work experience opportunities and get a real understanding of the different industries and the jobs available out there. This will help students determine what do or don’t like and enable them to make an informed decision about their future career path.


These programs include:

  • Year 10 immersion program
  • School based apprenticeships / traineeships
  • Casual / part time jobs
  • Work experience
  • VET Pathways
  • Industry specific courses
  • Alumni support program

The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is the place where families come together to eat food and share what’s happening in their world. MOB Academy is a family, it is an extension of the family home and it is a safe haven for our student’s. In achieving our goal of creating happy and healthy young men that our dining room be the heart of our school. Our dining room is the place where our students, staff and visitors come together each break and converse over a healthy nutritious meal. It is where strong bonds a formed, mutual respect and understanding for each other is developed.

MOB Academy’s annual events are held to help raise money for the Men of Business Academy. Through their participation, our young men work together, they support each other, and they challenge themselves. At each event they represent our school with pride, they share their stories and work on developing the art of communication as they interact with guests.

The ideology underpinning our MOB Gym is that exercise improves one’s mental health. Regular participation in exercise can increase one’s self-confidence, cognitive function, overall mood and lower symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal.


The key understandings developed by students through their engagement in the MOB Gym are around healthy living, diet, positive choices and hygiene. Our program takes advantage of its prime location and utilises the Academy gym, local parklands, beach and sporting fields.


Through their participation in the MOB Gym, students experience a large variety of physical and mindfulness activities to allow them to work out which exercises and strategies work best for them. Sessions are developed and run by school staff and may include but not limited to boxing, body weight circuits, endurance training, speed training, yoga, mindfulness activities.

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