Support overview

Support overview

To effectively support the large portion of students with varying levels of social and emotional issues, MOB Academy has developed an extensive support program to help engage students in learning and assist them to develop the necessary life skills that will support them to become happy, healthy, successful and contributing members of our community.

All students participate in our two flagship programs MOB Gym and MOB Success.

The ideology underpinning our MOB Gym Program is that exercise improves ones mental health. Regular participation in exercise can increase ones self-confidence, cognitive function, overall mood and lower symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal.


The key understandings developed by students through their engagement in the MOB Gym Program are around healthy living, diet, positive choices and hygiene. Our program takes advantage of its prime location and utilises the Academy gym, local parklands, beach and sporting fields.


Through their participation in the MOB Gym Program, students experience a large variety of physical and mindfulness activities to allow them to work out which exercises and strategies work best for them. Sessions are developed and run by school staff and may include but not limited to boxing, body weight gum circuits, endurance training, speed training, yoga, mindfulness activities.

There are two key focal areas to our MOB Success program:


Work readiness – our student’s express an interest in gaining employment be it a full-time, part-time or casual, both in the short term and long term as they look to choose a career path. The challenge is that due to their prior disengagement in school they lack the self-confidence and/or don’t have the capacity to complete pre employment tasks. The MOB Success program is delivered by school staff in collaboration with local business owners and our MOB mentors.


Through our MOB Success program students will be empowered to create their own curriculum vitae, apply for jobs and develop the techniques and skills that will give them the confidence to tackle that interview. Through our partnerships with local businesses, students will have access to the industry knowledge of successful business owners. They will have the opportunity to check out different industries, engage in work experience opportunities and get a real understanding of the different industries and the jobs available out there. This will help students determine what do or don’t like and enable them to make an informed decision about their future career path.


Life skills – In providing a well-rounded and comprehensive education designed to build better men, our MOB Success program strives to close the widening gap in knowledge of basic life skills. Many of our students have never been explicitly taught or had modelled to them, many basic life skills. While providing students who may have ADHD or be a kinaesthetic learner with a break from the classroom, our MOB Success program provides students with meaningful hands-on and real world life skills including but not limited to, tying a tie, changing a tyre, checking the oil in a car, building a tent, shaving, cooking, ultimately helping to set our young men up for success in life.

At MOB Academy we strive to deliver an engaging and meaningful alternative to mainstream schooling tailored to the individual and collective needs of our students. With the goal of increasing student engagement, maximising opportunities for our boys and further supporting each young man to achieve their desired goals both in and out of the classroom, we have ensured each class has no more than 20 students.



Our reduced class sizes enables us to:


  • Cap class sizes with a maximum of 20 students allowing for a more supportive and dynamic learning environment
  • Allowing us to supervise the cohort’s movements more effectively and increase staff support to students during learning.

Students are assisted by both support staff and mentors from within our community. In order to ensure each interaction with our students is meaningful, we connect our mentors to classes based on their skill set. This enables us to significantly enhance the learning outcomes of our students through accessing the real-world knowledge and experience of our mentors.

MOB Academy was built by the community, for the community to help young men to become happy, healthy and successful. Our strong community ties have enabled us to implement a meaningful Mentor program like no other which sets us apart from the rest. Our mentors come from all walks of life and provide our students with a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience from a personal and/or industry perspective. Our mentors are matched to students and classes based on their unique skill set to enhance the educational and life outcomes of our students while ensuring each interaction with our students is meaningful.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is the place where families come together to eat food and share what’s happening in their world. MOB Academy is a family, it is an extension of the family home and it is a safe haven for our student’s. In achieving our goal of creating happy and healthy young men that our dining room be the heart of our school. Our dining room is the place where our students, staff and visitors come together each break and converse over a healthy nutritious meal. It is where strong bonds a formed, mutual respect and understanding for each other is developed.

The MOB Academy’s 24-hour Capri Paddle and Charity Luncheon is an annual event held to help raise money for the Men of Business Academy. Students volunteer their time to train and participate in the event to help raise funds. Through their participation, our young men work together, they support each other and they challenge themselves. At the Charity Luncheon they represent our school with pride, they share their stories and work on developing the art of communication as they interact with guests.

Additional Programs

Street University is a youth development project facilitated by renowned graffiti artist James Small. The program runs over 5 weeks and aims to empower young people to express themselves creatively and harness their potential while channelling them away from destructive anti-social behaviours. It aims to improve their self-esteem, inter-communal co-operation and social engagement. The program provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with our students on a deeper level, gain a better understanding of who they are, their interests and how together we can support and transform their interests into vocational and educational success. 3

The School-based Youth Health Services is delivered in partnership with Queensland Education. It is a voluntary and confidential service that aims to address the health and wellbeing concerns of young people at school.


Our school-based youth health nurses provide the following support to our young men:


  • Individual health consultations with assessment, support, health information and referral options related to:
    • Health eating and exercise
    • Relationships
    • Sleeping problems
    • Personal and family problems
    • Feeling sad, worried and angry
    • Sexual health
    • Smoking, alcohol and other drugs
    • Growth and development
    • Promoting health and wellbeing with a “whole school approach” to support the development of healthy school environments
    • Making recommendations on health resources to support curriculum, teaching and learning activities in schools.

MOB Academy places a high importance on the mental health and wellbeing of our students. For this reason, we have engaged a mental health expert to assist us in creating a safe and positive school environment conducive of learning and to support our young men through various developmental and mental health issues on an individual level. Our in-house psychologist provides one on one support and counselling to our students and also delivers group sessions on resilience, self-awareness and decision making. Through engaging a psychologist we are able to identify at-risk students and implement prevention programs tailored to the needs of our young men.

MOB Academy students have access to support from COGlearn. COGlearn utilises proven scientific methods, cognitive psychology and evidence-informed programs and practice to support both staff and students to optimise student learning outcomes.

Music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good hormone. It can help energise our mood, reduce our stress level and provides us with a healthy avenue to take control of our emotions and express ourselves in positive way. With this in mind, the Heart Futures Music Program was introduced. Heart Futures is an Indigenous non-profit using the power of food, music and education to strengthen our community. The Heart Futures Music Programs empowers our young men to tap into their emotions and process their emotions while learning to craft song lyrics, perform, record and produce their own music.

With the overall health and wellbeing of our students at the forefront of everything we do, MOB Academy has developed a working arrangement with Doctors @ Australia Fair. Doctors @ Australia Fair are dedicated to supporting our students and thoughtful of their needs. They provide an extensive range of quality healthcare services including accident and emergency treatment, general health assessments and mental health care plans at the convenient location of across the road.

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