26 April 2024

Action Packed Engagement Days

MOB Academy is committed to providing enriching experiential learning opportunities that allow students to get outside the classroom, stay active, and develop lifelong skills. The recent engagement days for Year 11 and 12 students exemplified this mission, treating them to exciting outings filled with physical activities, teamwork, and memory-making experiences.

Our Year 11 students visited the amazing KDV Sports facility for an action-packed day of athletic rotations. The young men engaged in friendly competitions across pickleball courts, a mini golf course, and a driving range batting area.

Splitting into groups, they cycled through each activity station, fostering qualities like sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. The pickleball matches were lively and energetic, the mini golf course elementary tests of skill and patience, and the driving range allowed students to experience the fundamentals of the golf swing.

For an added element of adrenaline, the Year 12 students’ engagement day brought them to Stunt Park Nerang – an elite entertainment facility focused on action sequences and stunt performances.

After receiving professional instruction on stunts and choreography, the students were guided through a variety of exhilarating physical challenges. These included navigating a ninja obstacle course, soaring through the air on a wire line, plunging from tower platforms, swordplay sparring, executing tumbling techniques on mini-trampolines, and more.

The day’s culminating highlight was the chance for students to script and choreograph, their own action scenes inspired by Jackie Chan’s iconic movie work. Working together, they plotted out sequences with camerawork and stunt performances. The venue’s staff closely supervised at all times to ensure safety was the top priority.

Commitment to Student Engagement

At the core of MOB Academy’s philosophy is keeping students consistently engaged – mentally, physically, and socially. The Year 11 and 12 engagement days embody this ethos, providing real-world learning environments that foster critical skills like teamwork, physical fitness, creativity, and risk-taking.

“When our students are able to get out there and apply their knowledge through incredible hands-on experiences, that’s where true learning happens,” commented Founder, Marco Renai. “These engagement days were unforgettable chances for our young men to bond, make new memories, and grow as individuals.”

The school has many more exciting engagement opportunities on the horizon as it continues inspiring its students to embrace an active, adventure-seeking lifestyle. Stay tuned for more updates on these events that make the MOB Academy experience one of a kind.

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