Complete the online Enrolment Enquiry form by clicking on the Enrol Now button at the top of the page.

You will be contacted via phone/email and invited to attend our next Information Session for prospective students and emailed our Expression of Interest application. The Expression of Interest application needs to be completed and returned together with a copy of your young man’s Birth Certificate and Medicare card in order to proceed to step 3.



Upon receipt of the completed Expression of Interest application, your young man will be invited via email to attend our next MOB Recruit Day.

Your young man is required to attend a MOB Recruit Day in order to proceed to step 5. The MOB Recruit Day provides your young man with a real taste of life at MOB Academy and an opportunity to see if we are the right fit for them.



After your young man’s participation in our MOB Recruit Day you and your young man will be invited to attend an Enrolment Interview.

Letter of Offers will be emailed out to successful applicants.



Towards the end of your young’s man second week a follow up meeting with yourself, your young man and our CEO will be scheduled to review how your young man has settled in to life at MOB.

For further information

please contact admissions
on 0452 636 624 or

Provide your friend’s details if you know someone who would benefit from the MOB Academy.