07 April 2020

Men of Business Rap Challenge


Why a rap challenge you ask?

In times like these, times of complete uncertainty, everyone needs an outlet and release for creative expression. Around the world people are banding together to support each other and we dare you to do the same. The greatest thing about hard times is that they always teach us a lesson. They show us how strong we can be and how we can adapt to keep our heads above water. Do things that bring joy and to most, music is a pretty good place to start.

Show us your identity through your lyrics and why we should choose you. You don’t need to be a rapper, you don’t need to be a writer, ANYONE can enter.

In honour of our April 20th opening we dare you to the MOB Rap Challenge. Winners will receive a $100 JB Hifi gift voucher, a $100 Culture Kings voucher and MOB Merch.

Here’s The Deal:

1. Download the beat.
2. You MUST use the words MOB, Community, Building Better Men, Mentoring and Life Skills.
2. If you’re camera shy record yourself rapping over top of the audio file OR like Marco, film yourself!
3. Send us your submission via DM OR upload it to your socials and use the hashtag #MOBrapchallenge
4. Winners with be announced April 20th!


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Provide your friend’s details if you know someone who would benefit from the MOB Academy.