10 May 2024

MOB Academy Student Kayleb D Awarded Prestigious Queensland Ambulance School Based Scholarship

We’re thrilled to announce a huge achievement within our MOB Academy community! Kayleb D, one of our dedicated students, has been honored with one of this year’s Queensland Ambulance School (QAS) Based Scholarships!

In partnership with the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF), this esteemed scholarship offers Kayleb invaluable support on his academic journey. Not only does it provide up to $2,000 in financial assistance, but it also offers mentorship and career coaching opportunities. Kayleb will have the privilege of engaging in insightful sessions with indigenous QAS employees, gaining valuable perspectives and guidance for his future endeavors.

Moreover, in recognition of Kayleb’s commitment and potential, he will also receive financial aid of up to $500 for driving lessons and a first aid course. This additional support ensures that he is well-equipped to pursue his aspirations in the field of emergency medical services.

At MOB Academy, we couldn’t be prouder of Kayleb’s outstanding achievements. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for learning serve as an inspiration to us all. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Kayleb’s continued growth and success as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his academic and professional journey.

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