14 June 2024

Partnering for Success: XP Finishes and MOB Academy

At MOB Academy, we know that our community is our strength. We’re excited to highlight our partnership with XP Finishes, a family-owned premier painting company with over 20 years of industry experience.

Welcoming Our Apprentices: Jo and Fraser
Brendan from XP Finishes has been a huge supporter of MOB Academy, and we’re thrilled to see two of our own join his team as apprentices. Jo, one of our proud alumni, and Fraser, a current student, are both making waves in their new roles.

“The boys have got such an awesome network around them, educating them how to be great men coming into the community. They come with an awesome enthusiastic attitude, a lot of laughs and a lot of personality. MOB Academy set them up so that they are ready to attack this world and anyone taking them on is so much better advanced with taking someone like that on. They understand they need to jump in and just give it a good crack and it’s the best thing about the partnership.”

Jo’s Incredible Progress
Jo has been working with XP Finishes for a while now, and the progress he’s made is amazing. With Brendan’s mentorship, Jo has really honed his skills and gained valuable industry experience. We’re so proud of how far Jo has come and can’t wait to see where his career takes him next.

Fraser’s Exciting Start

Fraser is just starting his apprenticeship with XP Finishes, and we couldn’t be more excited for him. Learning from a seasoned professional like Brendan is a fantastic opportunity, and we’re confident that Fraser will thrive and grow in this new role.

A Community Effort
This partnership with XP Finishes is a perfect example of what makes our community special. Brendan and his team have shown incredible commitment to supporting our students and providing them with real-world experience. We’re incredibly grateful for their dedication and the opportunities they’ve created for our young talent.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this partnership, we’re excited about the future and the continued collaboration between XP Finishes and MOB Academy. Together, we’re building a strong community and creating endless opportunities for our students.

Stay tuned for more stories of success and partnership from us. We’re proud of our community and the amazing things we can achieve together.

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