21 May 2024

Simon Beard of Culture Kings Inspires MOB Academy Students with Sales and Influence Training

We are thrilled to share the incredible experience our MOB Academy students had with Simon Beard, the visionary founder of the international streetwear giant, Culture Kings. Simon generously took the time to impart his sales expertise and entrepreneurial wisdom to our young men, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Simon Beard’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. What started as a modest market stall at Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast has evolved into Culture Kings, a global powerhouse in the streetwear industry. Simon’s story is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and strategic growth, and it resonated deeply with our students.

During his session at MOB Academy, Simon shared invaluable insights into the art of sales and the importance of spotting market opportunities. His journey began with a simple idea: identifying a gap in the market. Simon recounted how he bought Dickies shorts from Walmart in America for $16 and sold them for $100 at surf stores. This initial venture sparked his entrepreneurial spirit and set him on a path of relentless focus and growth.

“It all started with a pair of shorts and it quickly grew,” Simon shared. “I saw way more potential in it, and I was passionate about it and loved it, so it got all my focus and attention, and I just went nuts on it.”

In 2009, Simon and his wife, Tahnee, managed to gather enough resources to open their first store in the coastal suburb of Southport. This humble beginning laid the foundation for what would become a globally recognized brand. It was fitting and profoundly symbolic for Simon to deliver his training at MOB Academy, located at the very site where Culture Kings’ journey began.

Our students were captivated by Simon’s dynamic presentation and the practical advice he offered. He emphasized the importance of passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking in building a successful business. Simon’s story and his willingness to share his knowledge have inspired our students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with renewed vigor.

From the bottom of our hearts, we extend our deepest gratitude to Simon Beard for his generosity and for inspiring the next wave of entrepreneurs. His visit to MOB Academy was not just a training session but a beacon of what is possible with hard work and determination.

Thank you, Simon, for being a remarkable role model and for empowering our young men with the skills and confidence to chase their dreams. Your legacy at Culture Kings and your continued influence on aspiring entrepreneurs are truly remarkable.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities at MOB Academy as we continue to bring industry leaders and innovators to inspire and educate our students.

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