15 June 2021

If Eight Weeks Can Change a Life, Imagine Two Years

“Your support network is the solid ground from which you can propel yourself upwards.”

Before the academy MOB was a simple eight week pilot program delivered to different high schools along the coast. Meet one of our alumni.

At just 20 years old Shahzeb has turned his life around from expulsions and detentions to studying corporate law with honors thanks to the MOB Program.

Shahzeb is just one of the many young career starters that have turned their life around after completing the MOB 8-week program. Since completing the program back in 2016 he is working towards his second degree studying corporate law with honors at Griffith University after finishing his bachelor of commerce with a major in accounting.

“ I started the eight week MOB program when he was 15 years old after failing school and getting constant detentions. I learnt a lot of my life skills from the program, they really gave me the shaking that I needed at the time. When you’re a teenager you have all these frustrated emotions and you never know where to put them. MOB gave me the reassurance that I really have it in me to do whatever I want in life.” explains Shahzeb.

Shahzeb said that the MOB program definitely helped him to get motivated and he’s excited to see what opportunities lay ahead.

“MOB has stayed with me all of these years, I always have them in the back of my mind. I am currently working with different firms doing internships. I worked at Suncorp bank as part of the CEO’s excellence program and I got promoted to banking consultant, I was the youngest employee they ever had. I learnt all these skills through MOB about getting out there and getting what you want. I was literally failing everything before I did the program, once I completed it my entire mind shift changed and I graduated with a OP3 in Year 12.” He said.

“Knowing that someone has your back, knowing that the team at MOB has your back has been everything to me.”

To add more accolades to his already impressive resume, Shahzeb also owns a company called Fresh Kix on Scarborough Street. “We offer customisation, cleaning, restoration, repainting, and many other services. We also sell sneaker accessories and limited-addition premium footwear. Its an entrepreneurial idea – We are the only ones in QLD doing it. Ultimately I want to finish my degree and have my own corporate firm, but I am really enjoying the entrepreneurial aspect of Fresh Kix.”

“I found out about MOB Academy walking past the academy in Southport. Considering it started off in a small garage in Bundall to seeing it here is incredible. The hard work has really paid off. I eventually want to come back and mentor the boys, I don’t feel like I am there quite yet – Once I graduate law school with  my degree I will be coming in to talk to the boys about criminal law and the law in general. It will be an amazing full circle moment for me.”

With the help of the MOB community and our ten founding fathers we have built an academy that delivers two year high value high reward programs, building better men.  If MOB can positively impact lives after our 8 week program, imagine the incredible and inspiring stories we will be telling in the coming years.

Learn more about MOB Academy and it’s history here!

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